Adios, 2017!

Holy Moly! Can you believe there is only 1 one day left in 2017. This year has flown by in the blink of an eye. I can not express enough how great 2017 was. Of course, it had some downs, like moving across the world to Japan and leaving our family behind. Eventually, I started to see this was an amazing experience for us, we still can not believe that we are in Japan. God has blessed my little family so much this year. It was full of experiences and adventures. I can only hope 2018 is an even better year for the Boucha’s.

Going into the year 2018, I do not want to say the cliché saying ” New year, new me.” How many times have we heard this dumb saying and nothing happens. This year, I want to continue having adventures and hopefully do some traveling and start creating memories with my little family. One of the things I would really like to do this year is to go to Tokyo Disney. I love Disney and I hope to eventually go to all the Disneyland’s around the world. I hope Jason will enjoy it as much as I am. I am slowly turning him to a Disney fan, but he’s only one and half, he can turn on me. I will probably start to cry from disbelief of being in Tokyo Disney. Also, I want to ring in the new year with some organization.

One of my favorite things to watch on tv is “reality TV”, My favorite show being is Keeping Up With The Kardashians. My favorite of them all is Khloe, she is goals. I watched an old YouTube video of her pantry and giiirrrlll … I became obsessed with it. I began looking on Pintrest and other YouTube videos to get more idea. I finally got my pantry organized. It looks so much better. I have a few more things coming in the mail, but being overseas shipping takes forever and a day. #Overseastruggle. I may do an update once everything has arrived. I started with what I had, it is better than nothing.  I just love how it all turned out, it may not look as good as Khloe’s, but her pantry is the size of a room. I also organized under the kitchen sink where all the cleaning supplies are. ( I have child proof locks, so my rugrat can not get to them.)

(Pictures down below.)








Under the sink.






I mean look how good it looks. It makes me so happy. My husband said it is turning into an addiction. I do not think it is that bad, I just like how clean and organize everything looks. I still do not know what to do with the cans. If any of you have any ideas please let me know.

I still can not believe this is the last blog post of 2017. I started my blog a few weeks ago, I was going to start it in 2018, but there was no better time than the present. Why wait any longer? Creating my blog has been an amazing experience. I have so much fun coming up with new content. I hope in the new year I will have more followers and more people will enjoy my blogs. To my amazing followers now, thank you so much for your support and I hope you keep enjoying my posts. I hope you all have a great New Years with family and friends.  XOXO.


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Let the Tantrums Begin.

Hey pretty mama’s! I hope you all had an amazing holiday with your family and friends. I am sure if you have a toddler, or just kids in general, they made the holiday stress a little more stressful. I now know what my mother went through with all kids. Lord sure blessed her with a lot, A LOT of patience. My beautiful mother had four kids, one girl and three boys. How she stayed sane? I have no idea. I am the only girl and I have three younger brothers. I am 5 years apart from my first baby brother and they are each one year apart from each other. She had triple the tantrums at once, I was an angel. HA! Just kidding. I was older so I helped out the best I could. I do not know how we are still alive, after seeing my only child throw his tantrums. All the time. I just do not know how my mother handled the all 4 of us. My beautiful baby boy likes to throw his tantrums at the most inconvenient and random times. I can not even go get my mail at the post office without him running away and getting mad when I tell him no. Ah… the life of a toddler is so hard. I get a lot of complements on the pictures I take of my son. They say “awe, he is so cute and photogenic”, “he’s a natural, he knows how to pose”, and my favorite is “you should put him modeling”. All these compliments are nice, but they have no idea how hard it was to take just one good picture. When he see’s the camera, he knows I am about to take a picture and he will say “cheese”.  This happens about twenty percent of the time. The other eighty percent, I have to either chase after him or I have to wait until he is done throwing a fit. I have to take multiple pictures to get one or two good ones. So, there is no way on earth I would put a photographer through his craziness. This being the reason why I take our family pictures, if he is in a mood and throwing himself on floor then we can try again tomorrow. I can only hope he is just getting rid of all his temper tantrums now and he will not go through the terrible two’s. Yeah, right.Who am I kidding? I bet those terrible two’s are going to be kicking my butt. Motherhood is full of different experiences. Although, he throws these crazy 10 second tantrums, what toddler does not. He is the most sweetest and happiest little boy ever. I am constantly amazed by how much is growing and learning. I cannot picture my life without him. How do you all deal with these little temper tantrums? Do you have any tips or tricks? Let me know.



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A Christmas in Japan.

I hope you all having an amazing Christmas day. Spending this day with family and friends, eating delicious food and opening present’s around the tree. We spent our Christmas Eve with friends and had a blast. I did get a little depressed thinking about not being with our families for the holidays, but being with my little family is the most important. Seeing my little squishy bear and how excited he was to open his present’s made me so happy. He has been trying to get into those presents for a while and he finally got the chance to rip them open. He sure got spoiled this year from his grandparents, friends, and of course us. He is my biggest blessing. My parents always spoil us, even though we are all the way across the world. My fur baby also got a couple goodies under the tree and in his stocking. I, for sure got spoiled this year, my husband went above and beyond. I love my Tiffany’s necklace(pics down below, along with all the other gifts) it is something I will cherish forever. We stayed home , watched some Christmas movies after opening present’s. We also made dinner and desserts for the single marines that are stationed here in Japan  and were not able to go home for the holiday. I can not cook to save my life, so I only made them very festive cupcakes. My husband on the other got all Gordan Ramsey on me and cooked a ham and made cornbread casserole, from scratch. Overall, it was an amazing and blessed day for the Boucha family. I hope you all  have an amazing Christmas with your family and friends! We wish you a Merry Christmas!!!




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A Trip to Tiffany’s.

Today, my amazing husband took me to Tiffany’s & Co. to pick out my Christmas gift. My little girl dreams came true today. I had a little Audrey Hepburn moment, if only I had a tiara and a black dress. I could not believe I was walking out with a little blue bag. The most iconic little blue bag. I am beyond blessed to have a husband that spoils me to no end. He really does make my every wish or dream come true. Besides my smile, jewelry is one of my favorite accessory to wear. I feel naked without my rings, earrings, and necklaces. Now, to have the most prettiest and iconic jewelry in my collection is beyond words. I have to wait until Christmas to open it. So, I will post pictures of it then, along with everything else I received. I am not at all bragging or think I am better than anyone, I just could not hold my excitement and I just wanted to share this moment with you all. Granted this will be my Christmas present for the next two years while being here in Japan. We agreed on no gifts next year or the following, we would like to travel and great memories. So, what better present to get for the next two years than something from Tiffany’s. What did you ask for Christmas? A puppy/dog? Is it a luxury item? A trip? Makeup? A home related item? Whatever you asked for, I hope you all get what you wished for. I hope you all have a great Christmas Eve and an amazing Christmas Day!


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Christmas is Around the Corner.

There are only three days left until Christmas. Who is prepared and ready for Christmas? Who is not prepared and running around like a chicken with its head cut off? I have always been an early shopper. I start around October or maybe earlier. My husband and I have big families, so it gets expensive. I put extra thought on each gift I give our friends and families. My husband is only responsible for my gift. I shop, pick out, and wrap all the gifts. I am a very impatient person, meaning I start wrapping gift early as well. I am just wrapping up some gifts that have arrived, we are still waiting on more to arrive from our families. Being in Japan, online orders and packages from the states take forever to arrive, therefore when it all arrives it comes in bulk. I would go insane if I saved all the wrapping for last-minute. On top of wrapping all the gifts I buy for my little familia (spanish for family). Our friends and family sent us some Christmas gifts. Jason is the first grandson on my family side, he is crazy spoiled by them. So, on top of wrapping our gifts I have to wrap the dozens of gifts sent my our families for Jason. All the gifts under tree are mainly his. I love Christmas, it is my favorite holiday. I try to make it as special and magical as I can. I know Christmas is not all about the gifts, but I just like giving. It makes me happy, whether it be a gift or baby sitting our friend kids and giving the parents a few hours to themselves.

Making sure Christmas is perfect is so important to me. Growing up my family always made sure we had a great Christmas. We were always with family, laughing and stuffing our faces. Hispanic cooking is the best and I sure am going to miss my daddy’s cooking this year.  We always had what we wanted under tree, alongside with some undies and socks. I use to take those for granted, now as an adult I wish those were in my stocking again. How do you guys prepare for Christmas? What are your traditions? Do you wait for last minute or an early preparer like myself? Let me know how you all handle the holiday stress.


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Christmas Tree Fail.

When I was growing up, my parents always bought a real Christmas tree. I was so used to having a real tree. I thought I would not be able to get a real tree out here in Japan. So,  I went to the MCX on base and bought an artificial tree. I came home and set it up immediately. As I was setting it up, I kept looking at it and it just did not look good. My husband told me to just set it up and decorate it and it will start to look good. It still did not look good to me. I took all the ornaments and lights off, put the tree back in the box and returned it. Now, do not get me wrong there are beautiful artificial trees, but they cost a fortune. The one I bought was sixty dollars. That can explain why it looked so crappy. I just came to the conclusion I would not have a tree this year. One day I went to the MCX again and saw they had a tent full of real trees. My heart skipped a beat. I was so happy, I was going to get a real tree! I went inside and asked to buy one, but they were not selling them until after Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, my amazing husband went and bought me a tree. I was so excited to finally set up my tree and see how Jason would react to the tree. Needless to say he was excited. This tree was so tall, full, and smelled so good, there were no bald spots. It was just gorgeous.

As the weeks went by, the tree started to not take the water. It started getting dry, stiff, and started shedding like crazy. I eventually took off the decorations and lights. I did not want to burn down my house with Christmas lights. We are now using my son’s little tree his best friend sent him to put gifts around. I am not ashamed to show you all my fails, I am not perfect and I will never pretend to be perfect. This is my life. I hope you all get a little laugh out of this. To be honest, it is freaking hilarious. My poor tree did not make it to Christmas.  I just can not keep plants alive to save my life! I think I will invest in a good artificial tree for next year. Let me know if you all have had any fails during the holidays.


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Keep Calm, Christmas Break is Here.

Today was the last day of my fall semester, And I could not be any happier. I passed both my classes with high B’s. I have not been in school for about two years. I attended college before and I could have finished my associates degree by now, but my life took a different route. It took the route of getting married and starting a beautiful family and would not have wanted it any other way. I would eventually like to attend school for nursing. Being in Japan makes it a little difficult to do any nursing programs. So, for now, I am just accumulating credits instead of doing nothing for three years. I will eventually finish school and walk across the stage. It does not matter how long it takes to get there, as long as I get there.

Going back to college after two years was tough. I doubted myself so much. The first week of the semester I had a breakdown. I started to cry because stress and feeling like a failure. I was so overwhelmed with being a mom, a wife, and a student. I felt like my son was not getting the attention he wanted and needed. I felt like my house was turned upside down. Getting a thirty-minute workout, a day was a miracle, if I was able to do so that day. My amazing husband was my greatest support system. He encouraged me every day and helped me with my stress. I would not have been able to get through it if it was not for my husband. Eventually, I was able to manage everything that was thrown my way. I do not know how all you beautiful mama’s who work, go to school and have a baby keep yourself sane. You all are amazing. For any mama’s who are in school or are starting school and feel like you can not handle it, do not let it get you down. It will all eventually come together and it you will start to kick butt! It all takes time, if you are feeling overwhelmed just take a step back, breathe. Remember you are all that and a bag of chips and you can do whatever you set your mind to. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from school if it comes really overwhelming. Like I said before, it does not matter how long it takes to get there, as long as you get there.





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Family Funday.

Today was a fun day for the Boucha family. We went on a little trip to Hiroshima, it is about an hour away from where we live. We have gone to Hiroshima before, but today we went to this gigantic Japanese mall. I mean it was huge! It was three stories high, they had the cutest shops. I was obsessed. If only I could fit in their clothes. But that did not stop me from doing a little shopping. Most of the shops were having a sale, I could not pass that up. I bought four cute snow globe ornaments. I love snow globes, I think they are so magical. There was no way I could not buy these adorable ornaments. I also bought a mug with the initials “Y” on it. I was never lucky on finding my initials back in the states, but in Japan I find them everywhere. Yay! There was this sponge shaped like a popsicle, it was perfect to wash Jason’s sippy cups. Lastly, I bought the cutest spoon and stirrer for my mother in law. As soon as I saw it I told my husband, “mama law would love that.” She loves butterflies, so now when she comes to Japan her coffee will look pretty. Not only did they have the cutest shops, but they a lot of delicious food. We had a hard time deciding what to eat. We finally chose to eat chinese food. I had spicy rice with chicken, it was delicious. For dessert we went to a Hawaiian themed restaurant. We ate a shaved chocolate and banana pancakes. So yummy. Jason enjoyed them a lot. It was an overall great family day. Hope you all will keep up with my blogs and follow our little adventures in Japan.



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Society has made it impossible to love one self. It does not matter who you are, if you are skinny or fat, a stay at home mom or a working mom, society will always find a way to make you feel down about yourself. After having my baby back in June 2016, I have been very insecure of my body. I have always been a petite girl. During my pregnancy, I gained thirty pounds and have yet been to lose my baby weight. For the longest time I was not happy with who I saw in the mirror. Even before my pregnancy I felt that I was not pretty or skinny enough. Now, I look back at my old pictures and say to myself,” Wow! Girl you were so skinny.” I would always find something wrong with me. I was so insecure with myself, I would only post selfies. It was not until a few months ago, that I started posting full body pictures. I realized that I am beautiful and I have to love myself regardless. I have to remember that my body is a beautiful thing, it carried a little human for nine months. No matter what size we are, we are all beautiful in our own way. If you having a hard time with your weight and are not confident, just keep in mind that you are beautiful and you are more than a dress size. If you are happy in your own skin, do not let anyone tell you otherwise. You can do anything and be anything. I hope you can realize how special you are in time. Be you and be proud.


Love Yourself.

Seeking Faith.

Moving to Japan has its ups and downs. One of the downs is not being able to go to church. It has been hard to find a church around here. We have a chapel on base, but the service is more like a mass. I like to worship and praise the Lord, I can not just sit there listening to the mass for two hours. It has been hard for me to connect with God. I feel like over the years I have been drifting away from God. I have been trying to form a better spiritual relationship by reading my devotional and bible everyday. This ritual has become very important to me. I take a few minutes out of my day to just sit in peace and thank God for all he has blessed me and my family with. There are times my day gets hectic, with my son, wifely duties and school. If I miss a day, I feel so guilty for missing those daily one on one moments. I know it is not the same relationship as if when one goes to church but it is better than not having anything at all. Talking to God makes me feel at peace. If it were not for praying for guidance, I would not have started my blog. I pray everyday for the Lord to show me the purpose he has for my life. I know I am meant to do great things. When we first moved to Japan, I had really bad anxiety and I was against taking medication. I was not getting any sleep and I was over thinking and worrying about every little thing. Now, I just pray to keep me calm and at peace. I can give all my worries, stress, and problems to God and know everything will be okay. I know this is a sticky topic to talk about, because not many people have faith in God or are the same religion, but that is okay. We are all free to have our opinions and the freedom to practice whatever religion we chose. I am beyond blessed, thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. LRG_DSC02187