The Christmas Spirit.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! My favorite time of year has finally arrived, Christmas! Everything about this season is amazing, the weather, the fashion, the beautiful lights, and most importantly being with family and friends. I go all out for Christmas; you can call me Mrs. Claus. I go crazy decorating my home and making it feel as magical as I can, I mean it looks like the North Pole puked in my house. I make sure the gifts are perfect for all my friends and family, and so far I have not gotten any complaints. Even though this will be the first year spent away from our family and friends for Christmas and the New Years, we get to create our own little family traditions. It is very depressing since I have always been with my family or my amazing in laws for the holidays, but one year down two more years to go. Being in Japan has been an amazing experience and a great opportunity to explore a new country and have amazing adventures. Thankfully the beautiful people of Japan celebrate Christmas too. Like I said the lights are one of my favorite things about the holidays. Being able to see the Christmas lights and decorations out in town makes me feel happy but also seeing  Jason’s reaction to the lights is everything to me.blogpic.JPG

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