Let the Tantrums Begin.

Hey pretty mama’s! I hope you all had an amazing holiday with your family and friends. I am sure if you have a toddler, or just kids in general, they made the holiday stress a little more stressful. I now know what my mother went through with all kids. Lord sure blessed her with a lot, A LOT of patience. My beautiful mother had four kids, one girl and three boys. How she stayed sane? I have no idea. I am the only girl and I have three younger brothers. I am 5 years apart from my first baby brother and they are each one year apart from each other. She had triple the tantrums at once, I was an angel. HA! Just kidding. I was older so I helped out the best I could. I do not know how we are still alive, after seeing my only child throw his tantrums. All the time. I just do not know how my mother handled the all 4 of us. My beautiful baby boy likes to throw his tantrums at the most inconvenient and random times. I can not even go get my mail at the post office without him running away and getting mad when I tell him no. Ah… the life of a toddler is so hard. I get a lot of complements on the pictures I take of my son. They say “awe, he is so cute and photogenic”, “he’s a natural, he knows how to pose”, and my favorite is “you should put him modeling”. All these compliments are nice, but they have no idea how hard it was to take just one good picture. When he see’s the camera, he knows I am about to take a picture and he will say “cheese”.  This happens about twenty percent of the time. The other eighty percent, I have to either chase after him or I have to wait until he is done throwing a fit. I have to take multiple pictures to get one or two good ones. So, there is no way on earth I would put a photographer through his craziness. This being the reason why I take our family pictures, if he is in a mood and throwing himself on floor then we can try again tomorrow. I can only hope he is just getting rid of all his temper tantrums now and he will not go through the terrible two’s. Yeah, right.Who am I kidding? I bet those terrible two’s are going to be kicking my butt. Motherhood is full of different experiences. Although, he throws these crazy 10 second tantrums, what toddler does not. He is the most sweetest and happiest little boy ever. I am constantly amazed by how much is growing and learning. I cannot picture my life without him. How do you all deal with these little temper tantrums? Do you have any tips or tricks? Let me know.



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One thought on “Let the Tantrums Begin.

  1. pr0jectmilf says:

    Love this! It’s so true. The tantrums literally come out of no where!!! My best advice is let them know you’re not going to deal with it, tell them sternly but gently cut it out , get to their level and in a calm voice say breathe (taking a dramatic deep breath in and out) about 3 times and say talk to mama tell me what’s wrong ( that’s when my daughter usually hugs and babbles what’s wrong) then we move on! Most of the time it works.. lol good luck mama you’re doing awesome!

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