Family Funday.

Today was a fun day for the Boucha family. We went on a little trip to Hiroshima, it is about an hour away from where we live. We have gone to Hiroshima before, but today we went to this gigantic Japanese mall. I mean it was huge! It was three stories high, they had the cutest shops. I was obsessed. If only I could fit in their clothes. But that did not stop me from doing a little shopping. Most of the shops were having a sale, I could not pass that up. I bought four cute snow globe ornaments. I love snow globes, I think they are so magical. There was no way I could not buy these adorable ornaments. I also bought a mug with the initials “Y” on it. I was never lucky on finding my initials back in the states, but in Japan I find them everywhere. Yay! There was this sponge shaped like a popsicle, it was perfect to wash Jason’s sippy cups. Lastly, I bought the cutest spoon and stirrer for my mother in law. As soon as I saw it I told my husband, “mama law would love that.” She loves butterflies, so now when she comes to Japan her coffee will look pretty. Not only did they have the cutest shops, but they a lot of delicious food. We had a hard time deciding what to eat. We finally chose to eat chinese food. I had spicy rice with chicken, it was delicious. For dessert we went to a Hawaiian themed restaurant. We ate a shaved chocolate and banana pancakes. So yummy. Jason enjoyed them a lot. It was an overall great family day. Hope you all will keep up with my blogs and follow our little adventures in Japan.



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Society has made it impossible to love one self. It does not matter who you are, if you are skinny or fat, a stay at home mom or a working mom, society will always find a way to make you feel down about yourself. After having my baby back in June 2016, I have been very insecure of my body. I have always been a petite girl. During my pregnancy, I gained thirty pounds and have yet been to lose my baby weight. For the longest time I was not happy with who I saw in the mirror. Even before my pregnancy I felt that I was not pretty or skinny enough. Now, I look back at my old pictures and say to myself,” Wow! Girl you were so skinny.” I would always find something wrong with me. I was so insecure with myself, I would only post selfies. It was not until a few months ago, that I started posting full body pictures. I realized that I am beautiful and I have to love myself regardless. I have to remember that my body is a beautiful thing, it carried a little human for nine months. No matter what size we are, we are all beautiful in our own way. If you having a hard time with your weight and are not confident, just keep in mind that you are beautiful and you are more than a dress size. If you are happy in your own skin, do not let anyone tell you otherwise. You can do anything and be anything. I hope you can realize how special you are in time. Be you and be proud.


Love Yourself.

Seeking Faith.

Moving to Japan has its ups and downs. One of the downs is not being able to go to church. It has been hard to find a church around here. We have a chapel on base, but the service is more like a mass. I like to worship and praise the Lord, I can not just sit there listening to the mass for two hours. It has been hard for me to connect with God. I feel like over the years I have been drifting away from God. I have been trying to form a better spiritual relationship by reading my devotional and bible everyday. This ritual has become very important to me. I take a few minutes out of my day to just sit in peace and thank God for all he has blessed me and my family with. There are times my day gets hectic, with my son, wifely duties and school. If I miss a day, I feel so guilty for missing those daily one on one moments. I know it is not the same relationship as if when one goes to church but it is better than not having anything at all. Talking to God makes me feel at peace. If it were not for praying for guidance, I would not have started my blog. I pray everyday for the Lord to show me the purpose he has for my life. I know I am meant to do great things. When we first moved to Japan, I had really bad anxiety and I was against taking medication. I was not getting any sleep and I was over thinking and worrying about every little thing. Now, I just pray to keep me calm and at peace. I can give all my worries, stress, and problems to God and know everything will be okay. I know this is a sticky topic to talk about, because not many people have faith in God or are the same religion, but that is okay. We are all free to have our opinions and the freedom to practice whatever religion we chose. I am beyond blessed, thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. LRG_DSC02187


Shopping in Japan.

When we were back in the states and my husband would have duty, Target was my favorite place to be. Since moving to Japan, I have been deprived from Target,  I miss strolling the Target aisles, especially the dollar section. Roaming the aisles helped me pass the time so I would not get bored and alone at home. There is only one store on base, the MCX, now do not get me wrong the MCX is great and has great deals but there is not much to see. One of my favorites stores in Japan is this magical dollar store called, Daiso. I call it the dollar store on crack. It kind of puts the dollar store in the states to shame. Obviously, the merchandise they sell is Japanese, but they sell the cutest things; from toilet scrubbers and house goods to cheap Disney things. I love that place, but it still can not replace Target. I think the japanese heard our cry because they opened a store called, Nitori, it is like a japanese Target. Since, my husband dreads coming to stores with me, Jason and I took a little trip to check it out. It was not as good as Target, but it did the trick. They had the cutest christmas decorations and decor. I will definitely be going back to stroll the aisles and pretend it is Target. Although, I do not have a Target or a Hobby Lobby and I have to wait forever and a day for my packages to arrive. Japan has been an amazing, once in a life time experience. Many more new experiences and adventures to come.


A Gift From Above.

Children are a blessing. They may not be planned but they are a gift from God. I am beyond grateful for my squishy bear. There was a time I thought I would not have the chance to carry my own child. At the age of 18, I was told I would not be able to conceive. This news broke my heart into a million pieces. With tears in my eyes, I told my parents they would not get any grandkids from me. They looked at me and told me not to be discouraged and that God will bless me with a bundle of joy on day. All I can think to myself is “how can they say that? I took a test and it proved I could not get pregnant.” I could not get over the fact I could not get pregnant, it upset me to no end. Why could I not get pregnant? There are so many women getting pregnant that are drug addicts, women who do not want a baby and get abortions, yet there are women who are trying and would give anything to be able to carry their child. As the years went by I accepted the fact I would not be able to start my little family. However, my Almighty Lord  had different plans. On my 22nd birthday, my husband and I went to Raleigh to visit my in-laws and celebrate my birthday. As I was sitting on the couch my mother in law looks at me and says; “you are glowing, you need to take a pregnancy test.” I looked at her with a “are you joking” face and told her, ” you know I can not get pregnant, right?.” Long story short, my husband went out to buy me a test. I took the test, since I thought it would come out negative I started to get a little depressed. I was confident it would not come out positive, I mean why would this test be any different from the other tests I have taken. A few minutes go by, I walk out and ask “what does 2 lines mean ?” I was in such disbelief. Like holy moly. It finally happened I am going to have a baby. I was so overjoyed and blessed to be able to carry a baby for 9 months. On June 5th, 2016, my handsome baby boy came into the world. He looked just like his daddy. Everyday I thank God for blessing me with my squishy bear. He is the most happy, hyper, loving, smiley, and funny toddler ever. I wish I could snuggle him all day, everyday but he is Mr. Independent always running around all over the place. But when he lets me snuggle him, I enjoy and embrace every second of it. he truly is my little angel from above. If you are going through a hard time and are trying to start your family, do not get discouraged. It will happen at the most unexpected time. There are always other ways to start your family. Just have faith.

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My Hero. My Marine. My Soulmate.

Like many people in this world, I make mistakes. No one is perfect, especially me. I am not the perfect wife, the perfect mom, or a perfect person. I do not regret my mistakes I made in the past because in that moment it felt like the right decision. I view my mistakes as a lesson to learn from. Before I met my amazing husband whom I am married to now, I was married to a guy that did not show me the love I deserved. At a very young age I was blinded by love and jumped into a marriage for all the wrong reasons. I gave my all and never got the same affection in return. An accident had to happen in order for me to open my eyes and realize that this marriage was not a marriage I wanted to be in. I know that sounds awful, but there comes a time where you have to know your worth. Even after my accident I was still the one to blame, I was never right, and I was never a priority. This is not what a marriage is supposed to be. That day I packed my bags, called my parents to pick me up and left. As I sat in my room that day crying and saying to myself “why is this happening to me?” and realizing I had to end my marriage, something I never thought I would have to do. I knew I deserved more; this mistake taught me that I was worthy of love, deserved to be treated differently, and be loved the same way I love. Even though my marriage was falling apart I had to try to work on it, yet I was the only one willing to work on it. After my divorce I swore off love or the idea of being with someone and letting them in. My husband came into my life unexpectedly, never in a million years did expect this amazing human being to come into my life. He gave me the ability to love again. He made me feel safe and beautiful the first day I met him, it was the weirdest, most amazing feeling ever. A feeling that I never felt before, EVER! He became my best friend, my hero, and my soul mate. This sign is above our bed, with one of my favorite verses from the bible. This verse means so much to me because I would pray to God to send me a man who would love me and make me feel like the princess I am, and God answered my prayers and sent me my soul mate. I hope this helps anyone who is in a bad relationship and feel unappreciated realize that you are worthy of love and that love is out there. Do not settle for anything less. I am now happily married with a beautiful baby boy and I would not trade it for anything in the world.


A Very Special Ornament.

As I was placing this ornament on our Christmas tree I could not help but to feel blessed. This ornament has a special meaning to me, it reminds me that I am lucky to have these combat boots lying on my living room floor. I would get so upset and annoyed everytime I tripped over the boots or had to pick them up and put them away. One day as I put the boots away I began to think about those families who have lost love ones fighting for their country. I am very fortunate to have my husband come home every day to play with our son and give me a kiss goodnight. This ornament is a reminder to never take any moments for granted; because at any moment my husband could be gone and those boots will no longer be on my floor but will be on enemy ground. I will always try to be the best wife I can be, to always love and support my husband. These boots are our lives. boots