Happy 1 Monthaversary!

Wow! It has been a whole month since I have started my blog. This is huge to me, because I never thought I would actually start my blog. I am so grateful for everyone who supports and follows my blogs. Thank you so much! I hope this year I can get my blog where I want it to be and I hope it reaches all around the world. This year is going to be filled with new experiences, goals, and achievements. I have crossed out “start a blog” off my goals list. One down, many to go. I can not wait to share those moments with you all. Since starting my blog, I have found so many great blogs to read and I have even inspired my best friend to start her own blog. This made me so happy. Little ol’ me , inspired one person. I know it does not seem like a big deal, it is only one person. But it is one more than I thought I would ever inspire. I hope in the future I’ll inspire many more. We can do anything we set out minds to. Thank you all for your support!!! XOXO.


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